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Stainless Steel Muffler Barrel Clamps - These are the only clamps to use on your slip on muffler and header system.  Standard worm gear clamps just don't get the job done  These clamps are made in the U.S.A. and provide maximum gripping power.  Made of durable stainless steel for maximum strength and durability.  Don't loose your expensive muffler or exhaust on the track--use the right clamp. 

Part# Description Price Quantity  
VPFS2-1 2 inch stainless steel barrel band clamp $6.95  
VPFS2-2 2 pack, 2 inch stainless steel barrel band clamp $12.95  


Muffler Mounting Clamp - This stainless steel clamp makes mounting your muffler easy.  Can be positioned anywhere on the canister in any position.  Securely holds the muffler in place.   

Part# Description Price Quantity  
VPMMC Viper Muffler Mounting Bracket $12.95  


Replacement Muffler Packing - This fiberglass packing is chemically sprayed to extend its life and prevent it from burning out prematurely.  Available for 10 inch or 14 inch mufflers.

Part# Description Price Quantity  
VPPCK-10 Viper Pipes, 10 inch muffler packing $20.00  
VPPCK-12 Viper Pipes, 12 inch muffler packing $20.00  
VPPCK-14 Viper Pipes, 14 inch muffler packing $20.00  
VPPCK-16 Viper Pipes, 16 inch muffler packing $20.00  



Viper Pipes Replacement Springs - Viper Pipes 4 pack of collector springs.  These high quality springs are the right size and tension to ensure your collector and headers stay together.

Part# Description Price Quantity  
VPSPG-4 Viper Pipes Spring Pack - 4 Springs $11.95  


Viper Pipes Stainless Steel Rivet Pack - Aerospace quality stainless steel rivets 1/8" x 3/8" long.  These are the best rivets to use when rebuilding your muffler system.

Part# Description Price Quantity  
VPRV-25 Viper Pipes Stainless Steel Rivet Pack (Pack of 25) $6.25  

Viper Pipes Sticker Pack - A pack of 4 Viper Pipes Stickers.  Stickers measure roughly 3.5"x6" and will stand up to most solvents.

Part# Description Price Quantity  
VPPR-1 Viper Pipes Sticker Pack - (4 Stickers) $5.00  
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