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Popular Applications:

Golf Carts


Locost 7

Kit Car

Homebuilt Car



Rat Rod

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Acewell Digital Dashboard (7859)

by Acewell Meter

acewell 7859

 NEW- Packs a ton of features and functionality into a small package. The perfect product to add digital dashboard functionality to any vehicle.



Speedometer displays MPH or Km/h with recall of maximum speed

Bar tachometer with option for either 500-10,000 RPM or 1,000-20,000 RPM display with recall of maximum RPM

Programmable shift light

Odometer displays 0-999.99 miles or kilometers

2 trip meters that display 0-999.99 miles or kilometers each

Clock with option to display either 12 or 24 hours clock

Temperature meter capable of displaying Farenheit or Celcius with recall of maximum temperature

Programmable temperature warning lights

Fuel Gauge (bar style)

Digital display gear indicator that displays up to 8 gears (N, P, R, H, L, 1, 2,...8)

Battery Meter that displays 8.0 - 18.0 Volts

Hour Meter to record engine running time

Programmable maintenance reminder

Lap timer that is capable of recording up to 99 laps - includes remote to start lap timer

Distance timer that is capable of timing 1/4 mile
Accelerator timer (0-60 MPH)
Deceleration timer (60-0 MPH)

Complete set of indicator lights including turn signals, lights (on and high beam indicator), low battery warning and more, oil warning.

Backlight can be switched with sidelights as per IVA / MSVA / MOT requirements

Warning lamps meet requirements of IVA / MSVA / MOT test

4x4 symbol can be switched on when 4 wheel or diff-lock drive selected, switched off by default and not visible

Compatible with both car and motorcycle engined vehicles

Speed input can connect to included magnet/reed switch sensor or optional cable drive adaptor or directly to many speed sensors fitted to automotive gearboxes

Gear indicator calculates gear by comparing speed and RPM on manual gearbox cars, so no additional sensors are required

100% water resistant so can be fitted in beach buggies without worrying about rain damage

Includes RPM sensing wire, speed sensor, temperature sensor, and generic wiring harness

Voltage warning lamp can be configured for the voltages to come on and off to suit any vehicle

Programmable Fuel Gauge which can be set for 10-990 ohms resistance for both full and empty so that it can connect to almost any sender.

E-Marked for road vehicle use within Europe

Size: 6-7/8" x 4" x 1-1/4" or 170mm x 100.5mm x 30mm


•1 x Remote control to access lap timer functions

•1 x Speed sensor (and magnet if needed for sensor)

•2 x Temperature sensors.

•ACE-IHY mounting bracket

•1 x Set of cables & fitting instructions.

Part# Description Price Quantity  
ACE-7859 Acewell 7859 Digital Dash $309.95  
FOZ-1100-02 Water Temp Adapter for Viper/Acewell 1100 $29.95  
water temp adapter

ll of the functionality on your Viper 1100R digital mini sprint tachometer or Daytona temperature gauge with this billet aluminum water temp adapter. Simply place in your water lines between the engine and the radiator and screw the probe into the hole and your ready to start getting temperature readings. Order above. See part number FOZ-1100-02. - 1/8NPT

uses include: UTVs, ATVs, motorcycles, Locost, Kit Car, golf carts, Midlana, dune buggy, rail buggy, mudder, ECOTEC, rat rod, motorycle engine car, exocars, aeriel atom, Palatov, electric car

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