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Antigravity- Lithium Racing Battery

antigravity lithium racing battery

(battery box not included)



The Antigravity lithium racing battery has become a popular item for mini sprints and motorcycles. Available in either an 8 cell or a 12 cell version, they deliver maximum cranking amps at a fraction of the weight. In some cases the battery can be up to a full 11 lbs lighter than a traditional battery. (compared to a Oddysey Battery with equivalent cranking power.

Antigravity 8 Cell Battery - This battery is recommended for track/race applications up to 600cc. Measures 4" wide by 2.75 deep by 3.5" tall. Weighs just 1.8 lbs. Delivers 240 cold cranking amps.

Antigravity 12 Cell Battery - This battery is recommended for track/race applications up to 1500cc and street only applications up to 1300cc. Measures 4.5" wide by 3" deep by 4" tall. Weighs just 2.6 lbs. Delivers 450 pulse cranking amps and 360 cold cranking amps.

**We highly recommend the purchase of Anti-Gravity's Battery Charger to ensure your battery is not damaged during charging. We also recommend FOZ Products Aluminum battery boxes to make mounting of the battery much easier.** Battery Boxes and charger pictured below.

SAVE WITH OUR COMBO PACK - We now offer a combo pack that saves you money over buying your Anti-Gravity Battery ad FOZ Products Aluminum Battery Box seperately. One price for two great products.


Part# Description Price Quantity  

FOZ-8COMBO Antigravity 8 Cell Battery & Alum. Battery Box $212.00  

FOZ-12COMBO Antigravity 12 Cell Battery & Alum. Battery Box $239.95  

AGBC-800 Antigravity Battery Charger $59.95  


antigravity lithium racing battery charger

Charger for Antigravity Lithium Racing Battery


foz aluminum battery boxes for anti gravity lithium racing batteries

FOZ Products Aluminum Battery Box. We can also make custom battery boxes to your specifications, contact us at


This is the perfect little aluminum battery box for Anti-Gravity lighweight lithium racing batteries. Designed just for these lightweight batteries, this battery box is constructed of lightweight aluminum and is TIG welded for added strength. The FOZ Racing Products aluminum battery box is available for both the 8 Cell (used on 600cc race cars) and the 12 cell (used on 1000cc and greater race cars).

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