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VIPER PIPES RACING HEADERS - Motorcycle Powered Racing Cars


Viper Pipes is the premier manufacturer and distributor of racing headers for motorycle powered racing cars including upright mini sprints, modified midgets, dwarf cars and modified lites.  Click on your type of racing car below to find out what we have to offer.


1000cc Mini Sprint

600cc Modified Midget  

Viper Pipes is proud to offer Armor Coat by Aesthetic Finishers as an option for customers desiring a ceramic coating on their header systems.  Armor Coat is a trademarked metallic ceramic coating process that is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1300 degrees.  The coating has been proven to lower engine temperatures and deliver improved horsepower.  It also offers terrific corrosion and chip resistance and will not blue, black or yellow the way plated surfaces do.  Armor Coat is available in chrome, cast gray, flat black and black.  For more information on having your Viper Pipes Header System coated, contact us at 1.513.204.9036



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