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VIPER PIPES RACING HEADERS - 600cc Modified Midget Headers

600cc modified midget headers
600cc Modified Midget Headers

viper pipes 600cc mini sprint headers


Proven on the track and in the dyno room...A great value!

Our new Viper Pipes 600cc headers are made for use with 600cc modified midgets, side winders, mini sprints, etc. They feature smooth mandrel bends for maximum power and torque. Comes with bung for heat temperature already built in, but doesn't have to be used if you choose not to. Left side exit.


Part# Description Price Quantity  
VPH-600Y Yamaha R6 Header $299.95  
VPH-600H Honda 600RR / CBR 600 Header $299.95  
VPH-600G Suzuki GSXR 600 Header $299.95  
VPH-600Z Kawasaki ZX6 600 Header $299.95  
Viper Pipes 600cc Big Bore, Open Class Header System
viper pipes 600cc open motor headers

A balance of horsepower and Torque for your big bore, open class engine

This header system has been manufactured for use with your big bore, open class motor. Larger diameter tubing and smooth mandrel bends deliver the proper balance of horsepower and torque.
Part# Description Price Quantity  
VPH-600Y2 Yamaha R6 Header - Big Bore $329.95  
VPH-600H2 Honda 600RR / CBR 600 Header - Big Bore $329.95  
VPH-600G2 Suzuki GSXR 600 Header - Big Bore $329.95  
Purchase a Viper Muffler to go with your header system by clicking here



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