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How to use the Viper 1100R's water temperature feature

The Viper 1100R offers exceptional functionality at a very reasonable price.  In addition to being a full featured tachometer, it is also a full featured water temperature gauge that includes a programmable warning light and review of the highest temperature reached during the session.  We are sometimes asked how difficult it is to take advantage of the water temperature function on the Viper 1100R digital tachometer.  The answer is that it is quite easy!  Here is a quick read on the easiest ways to begin using the water temp feature.

The Viper 1100R comes with a water temperature sensor.  The sensor can be linked into your cooling system in two different methods:

water temperature viper 1100r

Method 1: connect directly to radiator
If you’re radiator has a bung welded into it, the water temperature sensor can be screwed directly into the bung.  If a bung already exists in your tachometer, this may be the easiest method.  If there is not a bung present in your radiator – don’t worry we’ve still got you covered.


Method 2: water temperature adapter
Perhaps the most popular method of hooking your tachometer up to read water temperature is to utilize our water temperature adapter.  Available for $29.95 on our website, the water temperature adapter doesn’t require any welding or special modification of your radiator.

water temperature adapter viper 1100r

The water temperature adapter is placed inline on one of the hoses that connects your engine to the radiator.  Simply cut the hose in half, place the adapter inline and then screw the water temperature sensor into the adapter.  Utilize the included hose clamps to create a tight seal, and you’re ready to go.

viper pipes water temp adapter cutting the hose

The water temperature feature on the Viper 1100R reads water temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.  It also allows you to program a warning light that will alert you when the engine reaches the configured temperature.  For example, if you program the light to come on at 215 degrees Fahrenheit, the light will come on when the engine reaches that temperature.  You can also review the highest temperature reached during the session (something your driver might not want you to see).

water temp adapter fitted in place for viper 1100R

To find out more about all the great features of the Viper 1100R or to purchase online, be sure to visit our website at  The Viper 1100R is also available for immediate purchase on our website – along with other great products.  We also are proud to have a network of dealers including Speedway Motors, Sharp Racing Cars, NXS Motorsports, Pro Racing Cars Australia and Nunnco Motorsports.


Although the Viper 1100R has been very popular for all forms of motorcycle powered racing cars, it will work on most single cylinder through four cylinder engines.