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header and muffler combo from viper pipes
Save money when you buy a complete header and muffler system. Our systems have been proven on the dyno and the track, providing the perfect balance of torque and horsepower. Make a complete Viper system part of your charge towards victory lane. We offer both a standard 600cc micro sprint/ modified midget system and a big bore micro sprint / modified midget system for open motors. Combo offer includes header and 10" Viper Pipes VPR Muffler. Limited time offer.
Viper Pipes Standard 600cc Micro Sprint / Modified Midget Header & Muffler COMBO
Part# Description Price Quantity  
VPH-600Y-C Yamaha R6 Header + 10" muffler, standard $419.95  
VPH-600H-C Honda 600RR / CBR 600 Header + 10" muffler, standard $419.95  
VPH-600G-C Suzuki GSXR 600 Header + 10" muffler, standard $419.95  
VPH-600Z-C Kawasaki ZX6 600 Header + 10" muffler, standard $419.95  
Viper Pipes Big Bore 600cc Micro Sprint / Modified Midget Header & Muffler COMBO
Part# Description Price Quantity  
VPH-600Y2-C Yamaha R6 Header + 10" muffler, Big Bore $439.95  
VPH-600H2-C Honda 600RR / CBR 600 Header + 10" muffler, Big Bore $439.95  
VPH-600G2-C Suzuki GSXR 600 Header + 10" muffler, Big Bore $439.95  
VPH-600Z2-C Kawasaki ZX6 600 Header + 10" muffler, Big Bore $439.95  

combo offer anti-gravity battery and aluminum battery box and charging system

Another great opportunity to save. The Anti-Gravity 8 Cell Lithium Racing Battery is the best way to shave pounds from your racing car, while enjoying all the benefits of a high performance battery. This battery delivers maximum cranking amps at a fraction of the weight. In some cases the battery can be up to a full 11 lbs lighter than a traditional battery. (compared to a Oddysey Battery with equivalent cranking power.) This battery is recommended for track/race applications up to 600cc. Measures 4" wide by 2.75 deep by 3.5" tall. Weighs just 1.8 lbs. Delivers 240 cold cranking amps. This special combo offer pairs this great battery with a FOZ Products Aluminum battery box and the special Anti-Gravity charging system that is recommended for use with these high performance batteries.
Part# Description Price Quantity  
FOZ-8-C Antigravity 8 Cell battery, FOZ battery box, charger $269.00  
combo deal acewell tachometer and foz water temp adapter
More great savings with the full-featured, economical Acewell digital tachometer and FOZ Products water temp adapter. This is an incredible find! An extremely inexpensive, yet feature rich tachometer for your mini sprint / lightning sprint, modified midget, tq midget, dwarf car, mod-lite or other motorcycle powered racing car. Features not only a digital and bar style read-out of RPMs (up to 20,000 RPMs), but also captures your highest RPM for the session. It has a programmable shift light and a digital temperature readout with a programmable alarm. The bright orange backlit display makes is easy to read - for night time competition. The unit is also easy to install and comes with our own direction sheet. Make use of all of the functionality on your Acewell tachometer or Daytona temperature gauge with this billet aluminum water temp adapter. Simply place in your water lines between the engine and the radiator and screw the probe into the hole and your ready to start getting temperature readings.
Part# Description Price Quantity  
FOZACE-C Combo Acewell 1100 and FOZ Water Temp Adapter $159.95  
For more information on the Viper Pipes complete offering of products, be sure to visit our homepage by clicking here. To place an phone order, call 513.204.9036.
All combo offers on this page are limited time or quantity offers and may expire without prior notice.
viper pipes online ordering

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