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VIPER PIPES is the source for all of your custom motorcycle gauge needs. Our gauges are popular with all kinds of motorcycles including cafe racers, street trackers, brats, bobbers, street fighters and more.

Motorcycle Speedometer Products

viper 1100r tachometer

Viper 1100R Digital Tachometer

The perfect tachometer for any motorcycle, the Viper 1100R is easy to install and use. Lightweight and full-featured, the Viper 1100R is priced at just $139.95.
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Acewell 7859 Digital Dashboard

The perfect gauge for any vehicle. The 7859 packs a ton of functionality that includes everything that is needed for any vehicle - car or motorcycle. Speedometer, tachometer, gear indicator, battery monitor, fuel gauge, lap timer, acceleration, deceleration timers and much, much more. Includes CANBUS connector. Just $309.95.
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