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What is a motorcycle powered racing car?


Viper Pipes specializes in the production of complete exhaust systems, headers, mufflers and collectors for the motorcycle powered race car market.  We are often asked what types of cars make up the motorcycle powered race car market.  Today the better question is what types of cars don't make use of motorcycle engines.  Today you find motorcycle engines being used in everything from inexpensive dirt track cars through exotic $100,000 formula style road racing cars.  Our products are winning races in all of these markets.  Here is a quick run down of several of the most popular motorcycle powered race car classes.


Mini Sprints / Upright Mini Sprints & Lightning Sprints

This has become one of the fastest growing classes of open wheel racing in the country.  The cars are similar in size to a midget with the driver sitting upright in the car with his/her legs beneath them (similar to sitting in a kitchen chair).  They are front engined, with the motor centered in the chassis.  They run both with and without wings.  They have 13 inch wheels.  The cars are powered by 600cc, 750cc and 1000cc engines from manufacturers including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha.  Popular sites on this class of racing include and 

Modified Midget / Sidwinder This is a very popular class of that is similar in appearance to a sprint car or midget.  The class runs primarily 600cc engines, but there are pockets of cars across the United States that run 1000cc engines.  The engines in these cars are offset to the left hand side.  They run 10 inch wheels.  They also run both with and without wings.  Engines in this class are manufactured by Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha.  Popular sites on this class of racing include,,

Dwarf Car / Modified Lite This class of racing features two styles of cars.  The original style features cars that are reminiscent of 32 Chevy's, 34 Fords, etc.  They are open wheeled cars and run engines ranging from 750cc, 1200cc.  Including in this classification of racing is also a body style that is similar to a modified.  The cars run on both dirt and pavement.  They run 13 inch wheels.  A popular site for more information on this class is

Mini Buggies Mini Buggies or mini sandrails are a variation on the popular dune buggy that make use of 600cc - 1000cc motorcycle engines.  In many cases these motors produce significantly more horsepower than the Volkswagon motors that have traditionally been used in sand rails.  Although most of these cars are home built there are a growing number of companies offering turnkey cars.  A popular site for this type of car is

TQ Late Models This class is made up of three quarter scale late model racing cars that are raced on both dirt and asphalt ovals.  The cars use motorcycle sport bike engines.  For more information visit

Formula 1000 Formula 1000 is an open wheel class of Formula car racing by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) where a 1000 cc motorcycle engine is used to power a single seat, open wheel race car with full racing suspension. The F1000 class, also called FB, was created by SCCA in 2006. Similar SCCA classes include FA (Formula Atlantic), FC (Formula Continental), FF (Formula Ford) and FV (Formula Vee).  For more information visit




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