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VIper Pipes - Super Shorty

motorcycle muffler super shorty stunt can

If you're looking for short, the super shorty is the right choice. Viper Pipes Super Shorty is one of the shortest mufflers on the market. Manufactured from stainless steel, it is designed to slip directly on the header outlet. It is a straight through design providing a healthy rumble. The muffler is designed to fit today's popular models and configurations. The muffler comes with a stainless steel clamp, springs and an adapter.



Stainless Steel

Length Canister: 190mm (7.5 inches)

Length Total:

267mm (10 inches)


51mm (2 inches)


51mm (2 inches)



Part# Description Price Quantity  
VPSS-06 Viper Pipes Super Shorty Muffler $62.95  



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