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 The Viper Pipes VPX muffler has been purpose built to deliver maximum performance for your motorcycle powered race car.  The muffler has been designed to fit over any 2 diameter header or tail pipe and features a welded tab for easy installation.  It features a one piece tapered, perforated and swaged mild steel core that balances airflow and scavenging characteristics. The core and canister of the VPX has also been coated both inside and out to increase airflow and reduce exhaust temperatures.

Viper Pipes Ceramic Coated Muffler

Now Available in 1-3/4 and 2 inch slip fit sizes.  See below.

The muffler core is wrapped in special high quality packing and encased in a 4 diameter .065 aluminum housing that creates a durable, lightweight muffler that is capable of meeting most tracks and organizations decibel (db requirements) rules.  The VPX also features a specially coated black aluminum case to increase visual impact.

Attn: Clamps are included with the muffler. These are the highest quality clamps that we have found for this application.  Your muffler is simply not secure using standard worm gear clamps. 

Viper Pipes mufflers are designed for use in all forms of motorcycle powered racing including but not limited to upright mini sprints, dwarf cars, modified midgets, tq midgets, micro sprints and much more.  Viper Pipe mufflers have been installed on several brands of chassis including Bailey, ERC, FOZ,  Henchcraft, Stewart, Doemelt, Revolution, Shark, Eagle, PMP, Stealth, Bishop, Hawk, Factor 1, Hyper, Sawyer, Stallard, Concept, XXX and others.

*Note - Viper Pipes are available in 1-3/4 inch and 2 inch slip fit sizes.  The 1-3/4 inch slip fit muffler is most commonly used in modified midget/micro sprint racing with engine displacements 600cc and below.  The 2 inch slip fit sizes are most commonly used in upright mini sprint, dwarf car and mod-lite classes with engine displacements above 750cc.

Viper Muffler ceramic coated

Check out the new Viper Pipes badges that are included on all of our new mufflers.

The VPX's ceramic coated core and canister keep exhaust temperatures in creating a more efficient, effective flow for increased horsepower and performance.

Pictured above is the Viper VPX 10" stubby with
1-3/4" slip fit.


Order your Viper VPX muffler online by clicking BUY below or call us at 1.513.204.9036

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Part# Description Price Quantity  
VPX-6S Viper Pipes, VPX-6 inch 'Stubby' muffler (1-3/4 inch slip fit) $249.95  
VPX-6 Viper Pipes, VPX-6 inch 'Stubby' muffler (2 inch slip fit) $249.95  
VPX-10S Viper Pipes, VPX-10 inch 'Stubby' muffler (1-3/4 inch slip fit) $249.95  
VPX-10 Viper Pipes, VPX-10 inch 'Stubby' muffler (2 inch slip fit) $249.95  
VPX-12S Viper Pipes, VPX-12 inch muffler (1-3/4 inch slip fit) $259.95  
VPX-12 Viper Pipes, VPX-12 inch muffler (2 inch slip fit) $259.95  
VPX-14 Viper Pipes, VPX-14 inch muffler (2 inch slip fit) $279.95  
VPX-16 Viper Pipes, VPX-16 inch muffler (2 inch slip fit) $279.95  





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