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Viper Race Product Partners with Acewell Meter

Introducing the Viper 1100R Digital Racing Tachometer
digital mini sprint tachometer the Viper 1100R digital tachometer



November 25th, 2015 - It is with a great deal of excitement that we announce our parternship with Acewell Meter and the introduction of the Viper 1100R.

For the past 3 years we have been selling Acewell Meter's digital tachometers into the motorcycle powered race car market that includes mini sprints, lightning sprints and dwarf cars. Over that time we successfully sold 100s of their ATV tachometers to racers in the United States and abroad. Although the tachometers performed well for racers, we knew that their was just a few tweaks that would make it even better for this market. Our partnership with Acewell Meter has given us the opportunity to make those tweaks.

The Viper 1100R represents an incredible value for racers looking for advanced functionality at a reasonable price. Retailing at $139.95, the Viper 1100R offers a 0-20,000 RPM tachometer with recall of highest RPM for the session and a programmable shift light. It also displays water temperature and has a programmable water temperature warning light. Other features of the unit include the display of battery voltage and total run time.

New to the Viper 1100R is multiple race time displays. Two of the most popular include the display at the top that includes a graphical bar display tachometer and digital RPM readout and a smaller display of water temperature. New is the display listed below that includes the graphical bar tachometer, but also a larger digital display of water temperature. This allows racers to choose the display that is best for them.

viper 1100r digital tachometer with water temperature display

To introduce the Viper 1100R we are offering free shipping for a limited time. To order your Viper 1100R digital tachometer, CLICK HERE or visit and click on the Tachometer link button.



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