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Anti-Gravity Batteries - Put your Race Car on a Serious Diet




Over the past few years I’ve enjoyed doing product development work for my dad’s speed shop. There is a certain satisfaction associated with finding the next great product before it hits it big. In 2011 during a visit to California I met with entrepeneuer and motorcycle track day enthusiast Scott Schafer to discuss his new product the Anti-Gravity Lithium Battery. A few short months later I had a Anti-Gravity battery strapped into my lightning sprint for some field testing during the Tulsa Shootout. Upon returning home the battery was quickly added to the shop’s product offering where it has remained a popular seller.

Necessity the Father of Invention

Although Anti-Gravity can’t claim to be the pioneer in performance lithium batteries, Scott Schafer’s search for a high performance, lightweight battery made him a early adopter of lithium technology in motorsports. It all started with Schafer’s search for a lightweight battery for his track day motorcycle. He tried several of the lithium batteries on the market with unsatisfactory results. Schafer commented, “I tried to work with a few of the manufacturers and even spent time letting them know exactly what I believed was required for the motorsports market, but they didn’t seem interested.” After tapping into the extensive knowledge of an actual battery engineer and plenty of testing, he went to work producing his own battery. The requirements for his battery included being lightweight, compact, powerful and durable. The result is a battery that out performs the competition in all areas. Schafer commented, “The materials used in our batteries are not from the cheapest suppliers, but instead from those that offer the highest quality and reliability.” However, quality doesn’t end with the materials used in the battery, Anti-Gravity batteries also feature deeper welds, thicker battery tabs, tighter shrink wrapping of battery cells and proper placement of insulating materials to ensure performance and reliability.

Why should I care?

It’s all about weight. My original attraction to the product was all about weight. Watching the extreme lengths that racers pursue to shed fractions of a pound, made me believe that a product that could economically help a racer shed 8 to 11 pounds would have to be of interest. Add in the fact that it was more powerful and safer than traditional lead acid batteries and I started to believe Schafer really had something for the motorcycle powered race car market.

My own experience with the battery resulted in a 11 pound savings in weight and a battery that required much less maintenance than the battery I was previously using. The Oddsey 680 battery that was originally strapped into my car weighed in at nearly 13 pounds, whereas the 12 cell Antigravity battery weighed in at just 2.2 pounds. Additionally the battery was also capable of going several weekends without requiring any charging—even in total loss systems. Safety is an additional concern that is addressed by the battery. The Antigravity battery uses a special type of lithium technology that means there are no dangerous acids to leak or spill in the even of an accident. Additionally the use of Lifepo4 technology means that the battery is no susceptible to overheating and exploding as is occasionally the case with lithum computer batteries. When it comes to performance, the Antigravity battery consistenly offers more cranking amps than a comparitive lead acid battery. While these batteries are not inexpensive, compared to other high end batteries like the Braille, they do offer a cost savings.

For the motorcycle powered race car market the primary Antigravity battery applications are the 8 cell and 12 cell versions. The 8 cell battery is well suited to 600cc powered racing cars, whereas the 12 cell version is best suited to 1000cc and above applications.

Antigravity 8 cell battery weighs just 1.9 pounds and is 4.25” x 2.25” x 3.75”. The battery delivers 240 cranking amps and is available through Viper Pipes for just $171.95 or for a limited time with a FOZ Products aluminum battery box for just $212.00

Antigravity 12 cell battery weighs just 2.4 pounds and is 4.5” x 3.25” x 4.25”. The battery delivers 360 cranking amps and is available through Viper Pipes for just $199.95 or for a limited time with a FOZ Products aluminum battery box for just $239.95

To order your Antigravity battery and FOZ Products Aluminum Battery Box visit for online ordering.


antigravity battery lithium racing battery and foz products aluminum battery box
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