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We're Not Just On Dirt Anymore!

nova f600 blade, formula 600 race car



Although we're proud to trace our roots back to the dirt bullrings of Ohio and Indiana, we appreciate the customers that have helped us expand beyond...into new applications and geographies. One of the latest additions to our porfolio of customers is Formula 600 builder Nova Race LLC and their production of the Nova F600 Blade -- a sleek formula racer designed to compete in the SCCA Formula 600 class of road racing.

viper pipes muffler on a formula 600 race car, scca

Notice the Viper Pipes VPR Muffler neatly tucked away inside the side pod of the new Nova F600 Blade.

Not our first rodeo in road racing

The proliferation of motorcycle powered racing cars in the SCCA is nothing new. Motorcycle engines have been used in Sports Racers for many years. Over the past few years the engines have found their way into formula cars with the advent of classes like Formula 1000 and most recently Formula 600. Viper Pipes has been lucky enough to have customers in both classes of racing. Late last year we cheered at two of our customers in Formula 1000 made it to the prestigious SCCA Runoffs. Nova Race LLC is well known when it comes to placing motorcycle powerplants into racing cars. They have been busy designing and selling conversion kits for both 1000cc and 600cc engines for years. The Nova F600 Blade brings all that experience into play in a ground up design that combines the skill and expertise of talented designers and racers including championship drivers Brian Novak and Calvin Stewart and designers Jay Novak, Dave Piontek, Mike Devins and Clark Lincoln.

A Sneak Peak

The first two proto-types are being prepared for testing early this summer with production work underway. Dave Piontek allowed Viper Pipes the opportunity to take a sneak peak at some of the exciting work that is underway on these cars.

scca formula 600 racing car, nova race llc

formula 600 race car with a GSXR 600 engine

formula 600 racing car front view

What is a Formula 600

Formula 600 is the evolution of a class that started circa 1984 in the SCCA called Formula 440. The cars were originally powered by a snowmobile engine and provided a more cost effective approach to open wheel formula racing. Recently the powerplant of these cars was changed to a Japanese 4 cylinder motorcycle engine with a sequential 6 speed gearbox. The combination creates a lightning fast formula racer capable of producing speeds comparable to Formula Ford at a fraction of the cost. The addition of the high revving 600cc motorcycle engine creates a car with a sound that is similar to a F1 race car adding to the lure of the class.

Viper Pipes is excited to be offered as a component on the Nova F600 Blade. Dave Piontek's comment when placing his last order is what we love to hear, "one of our customers commented that they loved the performance of the muffler and most of all the unique sound that the Viper Pipes muffler produced on their car."

The first 5 cars are specially priced at $22,000 for a roller. For more information on the Nova F600 Blade stay tuned to

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