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Popular Applications:

Mini sprint tachometer

Micro sprint tachometer

Dwarf car tachometer

Mod-Lite tachometer

Digital Racing Tach

Memory Tach

0-20,000 digital tach

TQ midget tachometer


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QStarz GPS Lap Timer

qstarz gps lap timer

 We've done all of our own testing and this is an amazing product!

It's like having your own private driving coach. Keeps lap times,

 gps lap timer

shows you your line each lap and let's you compare split times through various sections of the track. Comes with its own analysis software and is as easy to use as pushing a button.

Qstarz BT-Q1000eX Extreme 10Hz Data Logger Bluetooth GPS (QRacing Lap Timing Analysis Software Included)

BT-Q1000eX is an extraordinary GPS Lap Timer with eXtreme 10Hz log speed which enables Q1000eX to log up to 10 times per second providing most accurate measurement of track, speed, and distance. Such characteristic makes Q1000eX very suitable for every kind of extreme sports activity, especially for super moto, road course motorcycles, oval cars, or road course autos. And drivers can also improve their lap time by valuable driving information.

Q1000eX GPS lap timer is simple and easy to use. It's stand-alone without the help of other accessories like transmitter are unnecessary. It adopts the GPS technology to log your race and later you can upload your driving information via USB or Bluetooth to PC for the included Lap Timing Analysis software to analyze the data. After manually define the start, finish, and split point on Google Map, you can see the very detailed driving information as following: Avg/Min/Max speed by each lap, Sector time (the time from one split point to another), Split time (the cumulative time from start point to split point), and point current speed.

Other than as a GPS Lap timer, BT-Q1000eX is also a very powerful data logger with 8MB memory size able to log up to 400,000 waypoints and long battery life to continuously operate 42 hrs, which give a very strong base to support the huge demand by 5Hz log. It also integrates A-GPS, beeper, vibration sensor. A-GPS can boost the GPS warm start time to less than 15sec, Beeper can notice the device status, and Vibration sensor can smartly save power and recordable waypoints. The included dual software: QTravel and QSports even strengthen the applications of Q1000eX on many aspects, making it become a multi-functional device no matter for lap timer, for navigation, for travel log, or for sports log.

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Part# Description Price Quantity  
QSTARZ1000 QStarz BT Q1000 GPS Lap Timer $189.95  

Common Applications include: mini spritns, lightning sprints, ATV/Quads, micro sprints, TQ midgets, dwarf cars, mod-lites, TQ stock cars, Kenyon Midgets, Stadium Lites, mini-buggies, dune buggies and many more.

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