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VIPER 1100R - FAQ and Troubleshooting



Is the Viper 1100R manufactured by Acewell Meter?


Yes, an exclusive arrangement between Viper Pipes / FOZ Marketing and Acewell Meter resulted in the production of the Viper 1100R by Acewell digital tachometer.  After successfully selling the original Acewell 1100 for over four years, we entered discussions with Acewell about how the tachometer which was originally intended for ATVs could be enhanced for use in auto racing.  The result was a partnership between Acewell Meter and Viper Pipes/FOZ Marketing to manufacture the Viper 1100R by Acewell digital tachometer.
Viper Pipes/FOZ Marketing is the exclusive distributor of the product.  Those interested in becoming a dealer for the product can contact us at 513.209.9036 or by email at



Description: viper 1100r digital tachometer manufacture.
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